Have you got a Swiss Franc Polish Mortgage? Don't get cheated again!

Team BigDoor24 - Friday, February 28, 2020 Tags: General Information Investment Polish Mortgage Swiss Currency Mortgage

Lawyers are offering a solution, that may be a problem.

In October of last year, a test case was successfully brought in the European Court by a Polish couple against their Bank over the terms of their Swiss Franc Mortgage. A complicated judgement that essentially denied the banks claim they they alone had the right to set the exchange rates when demanding repayments. This has resulted in a flood of similar claims from all over the country as homeowners received confirmation of what they had always suspected, the Banks were screwing them and they were due recompense.

Based on BigDoor24 research, we think someone else is now trying to screw them, and all in the open.

The property business, like lots of others, are built on the notion of ignorance. In the same way that if you are a Circus Clown you are unlikely to understand the work of a Doctor, or vice versa, Lawyers are betting you wont understand their work either.

We have seen lots of legal groups setting up a cottage industry modelling themselves on the American system of class action suits, offering homeowners the possibility of reimbursement for the small price of an initial zl. 2,000 - 5,000 plus 20 or 30% of the final payout. These legal eagles will do all of the paperwork and judicial submissions and all you have to do is wait for your cheque.

Not a bad offer, until you realise that there is in effect, no legal argument to be made. The legal judgement has already been decided.

What you need is a lawyer who has reviewed the judgement to decide whether you qualify for a refund or not. Assuming you do, then the lawyer simply enters the claim to the court and sits back.

There may of course be complications and nuances to your particular contract that will require some extra legal work but ....and here is where BigDoor24 weighs in ...not 30% of the award worth! Yes there is work to be done and yes there are court fees to be paid but .....

We are not lawyers but our entire purpose at BigDoor24 is to break down misconceptions on the Polish property market so all we would suggest, when you receive a call from these legal geniuses out of the blue, and you will, have a conversation with your family lawyer first. Our guess is they would be happy to make the claim on your behalf for a lot less than zl. 5,000 and 30%.

We hope it helps,

Team BigDoor24,

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