The Digest - 22 September 2019

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Your Weekly Polish News Roundup

Today the Shops are CLOSED

Socialism Up/ Warsaw - Financial Rating/ Poznan - Taxi Driver Superstar/ Krakow - SmogStep/Tri-City - FilmFest/ Wroclaw - Brexit Briefing/ Invading Questions - Russia vs Poland/ Ergo Run/ Film Fest Fracas/ Opening days of WW2 Podcast (again) and more

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Socialism on the Rise - Independent


Warsaw - Warsaw's Financial Centre Rating - WBJ

Poznan - Taxi Driver of the Year - TheMayorEU

Krakow - Another Smog Step - CityLab

TriCity - .Da FilmFest begins - TriCityNews Video

Wroclaw - Brexit Briefing- WroclawUncut


Who Invaded First - Russia or Poland? - Business Insider

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Sport - Ergo Run - TriCity News

Odds & Ends

Film Festival Fracas - AP News


First days of WW2 Invasion of Poland - BBC (That good we included it again today for those who missed it)

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