Work Permit - Why are some Polish provinces easier than others?

Team BigDoor24 - Wednesday, September 18, 2019 Tags: General Information Work Permit

The process is the same, the time taken is not

Anyone who has tried to obtain a work permit in Poland these days knows the wait time can be extraordinarily long, hampering both the efforts of the prospective worker and the employer.

According to a recent article, there is a great disparity in the time taken to obtain a work permit from the different Vovoidships (Provinces) and Polish businesses are adapting.

The article explains how businesses and intermediaries are targeting those provinces that are responding quicker to applications by setting up registered businesses in each area and when they locate a more efficient service, moving all of their applications there.

While the law is concerned about the location of the business making the application , they are not concerned about where in Poland the actual work is carried out. Combined with on the ground research (calling the local government agencies and enquiring about application backlogs etc. ) these businesses move applications to their conclusion as quickly as possible. This will not solve all of the delay issues and recent legislation changes do not seem to have been effective.

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The average wait time is supposed to be 30 days but is now closer to 90 with many application refusals being contested through the court system. An average department worker receives 1,900 per month and staffing levels are low and getting lower.

The net effect is that over 75 % of Ukrainians cite the delays and complexities of the application process to be a major contributory factor to leaving Poland and working elsewhere.

So next time you or a friend needs to apply for a work permit, make sure to enquire how the intermediary plans to get you one. It may make a big difference.


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