Love the Sun, Hate the Heat - Air Conditioner Tips in Poland

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Be Cool

There are lots of articles out there that detail the different types of Air Conditioning to get this summer. From the small portable units with their varying prices, energy efficiency and bacterial effects to the built-in multi-room wall controlled ones, there is a lot to choose from.

If, however, you are planning to rent in the near future, are currently renting or you are an owner then here are some Polish market-centric things you may want to be aware of.

Wall Mounted Air-Conditioners

Old Tenement Buildings

Due to the high ceilings and thick walls they tend to be substantially naturally cooler in the summer. The downside is that in winter, control of the heating may be out of your hands as the central heating is controlled by committee. Additionally, heating costs can also be higher in these buildings.

While it is possible to install new inbuilt wall mounted air conditioners you will need to check with the building committee to see what is allowed, legal and prohibited as some properties may have historical listings that could hamper any installation.

New Apartments

As an owner you should generally have no problem to install aircon but again, check your community regulations to make sure there is no issue.

As a renter, there is increasing demand for better quality units with air conditioning already in place. If you are currently looking, make sure to mention to the agent that AC is required. There is no guarantee as the property portals don't regularly allow you to search for this particular feature (try in keyword search where possible).

Alternatively, and we have heard that this is not only possible but also quite effective, offer to do a deal with your landlord.

The normal useage period for a new AC is 3 years (and they can offset the costs against tax for the same period) so ask your landlord to buy you one and share the costs on a monthly basis. It would be in the landlords interest to have it in place for the next rental as they should be able to charge a slightly higher rent. At the same time, this saves you shelling out for a better AC without the hassle of moving it if required to a new place.

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Portable Air Conditioners

If you are happy to just go for a portable that you can move from room to room, or indeed a big electric fan, then there are lots to choose from in Leroy Merlin, Auchan, Media markt etc. Or you could check out for second hand options.

As for the types of Air Conditioners to go for ... that's what google is for :-)

Keep cool!


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