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Where I Live - Jakub W.

Name Jakub W.

Nationality Polish

City Gdynia

District Centre

Business Website TriCityNews.pl

Rent/Bought/Since Bought in 2013

Apartment or House Apartment

What attracted you to, and keeps you in, the district?

Everything you need in one place. From restaurants, through shops to public transportation which allows to travel smoothly around Tricity.

5 minutes from the beach works perfect as well ;)

Any negatives?

As it is in the city centre, it gets a bit noisy and crowded from time to time. The pluses are far more important though.

What are you doing here?

Living, working, relaxing, love the area in every aspect of life. I'm close to work, close to my friends, close to my favourite spots. Gotta love the centre of the city :)

What's your best tip for people looking to buy/rent/get a mortgage?

Lots of research and go to a Credit Advisor early in the process

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