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Kazimierz, Krakow

Name Josh S.

Nationality British

City Krakow

District Kazimierz

Business Website Krakcast.pl

Rent/Bought Rent

Apartment or House Apartment

** What attracted you to, and keeps you in, the district? **

I live and work in a typical tenement building close to the junction of Dietla and Krakowska streets, which is approximately the north-western corner of Kazimierz, the old Jewish Quarter. This is a terrific location: 5 minutes’ walk in one direction takes you to Wawel Castle, while Plac Nowy is 5 minutes away in the opposite direction. I moved here a couple of years ago after previously living just off Starowiślna on the other side of Kazimierz, exchanging a basement for the second floor and enjoying all that extra free daylight. A popular move for all except for perhaps Dave, who now has twice as far to travel for recording.

Kazimierz, naturally, needs no introduction, as it’s where everything (bar the hipsters in Dolnych Młynów) is happening. Podgórze continues to improve year on year, of course, which is fine as that’s also a short walk away. In fact a typical stroll on a sunny day might take me along Paulinska as far as the river, taking a left turn along the Bulwar and continuing downstream as far as the Kładka Bernatka footbridge, at which point the choice is: turn right for Podgórze, or turn left and head up Mostowa towards Plac Nowy via Plac Wolnica, neatly sidestepping the inevitable queue for ice cream outside Good Lood.

Transport connections are excellent with the tram stop at Stradom covering pretty much every destination in the city. If there’s any slight drawback to living here – and it is a slight one – it’s that the nearest big supermarkets are the Carrefours in, respectively, Galeria Kazimierz and Galeria Krakowska, which are 15-20 minutes’ walk away; although a plethora of convenience stores, some of which are open 24/7, mitigates this considerably. If you want to live in the city centre, I think this is an ideal location.

** What's your best tip for people looking to buy/rent/get a home loan ? **

Always negotiate the price.

**Josh S. is a founder and regular contributor to The KrakCast, Krakows biggest English language podcast. Listen to their latest podcasts here. **

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