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Grzegorzki, Krakow

Name David McG.

Nationality Irish

City Krakow

District Grzegorzki

Business Website Krakcast.pl

Rent/Bought Bought

Apartment or House Apartment

What attracted you to, and keeps you in, the district?

I live on ul. Masarska in a development that now has 4 residential and one commercial building. This is the historic meat packing district of Krakow but is much more famous these days for the modern Galeria Kazimierz and its easy access to Rondo Grzegorzecka one of the cities main public transport arteries.

Myself and my wife bought off plans and moved in back in 2013 and it is a decision we have not regretted for one second. I suppose you want to know why? Well mainly it is location, with a modern shopping centre, cinema and gym right on your doorstep it is a location with easy access to amenities. The Zabka on Rzeznica is also open 7-11 seven days a week for when the Sunday law makes shopping more difficult.

The development of the river itself as a place for families and leisure has been a fantastic addition to the area and is extremely child friendly with a wonderful free play area open in the long summer months, what could be better than a family bike ride stopping for an ice cream and a game of volleyball or badminton with the kids on the way.

The area has many advantages with excellent schools and nurseries as well, but my favourite feature is it's easy access to Plac Nowy which can be walked in less than ten minutes and the the Main Square in roughly fifteen mins. This allows us to enjoy the stunning beauty of the city anytime we like.

What's your best tip for people looking to buy/rent/get a home loan ?

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Dave McG is a founder and regular contributor to The KrakCast, Krakows' biggest English language podcast. Listen to their latest podcasts here.

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