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Pradnik Czerwony, Krakow

Name John A.

Nationality USA

City Krakow

District Prądnik Czerwony

Business Website Krakcast.pl

Rent/Bought Bought

Apartment or House Apartment

What attracted you to, and keeps you in, the district?

I live in an area very close to the Krakow Arena (Tauron Arena), called Wieczysta. It's five tram stops from the center, so in the big picture it's pretty well located. The tram line on ul. Mogilska is key to the convenience of the area and another north-south line on ul, Miessnera, allegedly coming in the next few years, will add to its attractiveness. It might not sound too sexy, but quick and easy access to public transport is what it's all about when considering anyplace that isn't literally within a ten minute walk of the very center of town. I know plenty of people who love their nice, new apartment but dread the daily back-and-forth 20+ minute trip to the nearest tram stop. Keep that in mind when looking around.

The good side of Wieczysta is the quiet neighbourhood feel despite being so close to town. There is lots of greenery & playgrounds and shopping options are more than sufficient, although we could do with a few more restaurants. The downside - for existing residents, anyway - is that there are quite a few new apartment buildings going up in the last remaining plots of land right next to ul. Mogilska. They'll probably be filled with students, which won't do much to preserve the current tranquility of the area and will only worsen the already difficult parking situation.

Still, the trade off between price and location is a decision that everyone has to make for themselves and you can do a lot worse in Krakow than the area where ul. Mogilska turns into ul. Jana Pawla on its way to Nowa Huta. Being close to a main transport artery makes it easy to get around the entire city and you can feel like you're far enough away from the noise of the center of town while still being close enough when you want a little noise. Three malls are within a short walk, you're never more than a few minutes away from someplace to buy what you need for dinner and a range of other amenities makes it a good choice.

What's your best tip for people looking to buy/rent/get a home loan ?

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John A. is a founder and regular contributor to The KrakCast, Krakows biggest English language podcast. Listen to their latest podcasts here.