Renting without an Agent - A Checklist

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Going it alone

When renting a property through an agent you will normally pay a fee equivalent to one months rent ( or less if using BigDoor24 ).so you may decide you would like to avoid paying anything.

Here are some pointers in how you can go about it

Finding a property

You will need to only deal with owners who are offering their properties directly and the best way to find them is by using the filter " owners only " on the property search engine you are using (i.e.,, etc).

Alternatively you can look at for direct offers from owners or post what you are looking for on one of the local Facebook groups.

You should be aware that this will severely limit the number of properties available to you as the large majority are offered through agencies but you may get lucky.


It is likely that the owner may not speak your language so it would be best to bring a Polish friend or hire a translator while you are negotiating the terms. The additional costs will include electricity, water etc ( called Media ) and building management fees.

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Time to sign

Your agreement will probably be in Polish only and it is a legal document so again , bring a friend or hire a translator. You may also want the Landlord to accompany you to the city registration office to record that you are living there,

It is a rare issue but you should also ensure that the landlord is actually the owner of the property. Ask them to bring along ownership documents for you to view before signing..

Rental agreements are normally pretty standard but if you are wary of any of the terms, bring it to a lawyer to check it over before signing.

Upon Signing

You will be expected to pay your deposit of one month rent and the first month in advance. Additionally you will have to bring your signed lease to the different utility offices to put your name on the relevant electricity, water bills etc.

Agents have a legal responsibility for any property they negotiate on so you won't have this guarantee but you will have saved the fee less any legal and translator charges you incur.

Happy Hunting !