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Where I Live - John N.

Name John N..

Nationality Irish

City Krakow

District Zabierzow, Rzaska

Business Website BigDoor24.pl

Rent/Bought/Since Bought in 2017

Apartment or House House

What attracted you to, and keeps you in, the district?

The first thing was the proximity to the train station that brings us directly in to the city, just a few minutes walk from the house.. Really nice neighbours and a quiet environment. We have a two year old toddler and there is a good infrastructure around to keep her entertained.

Additionally, our proximity to the the Krakow Business Park means lots of choice for lunch venues.

Zabierzow is the nearest village with a Tesco and Biedronka. We are only minutes drive away from Factory and only 10 minutes to Bronowice Galeria so we really aren't far from anything. Without a car, it may be more difficult but there are plenty of bus connections.

Very close to the A4 ring road which gets us out of the city without going through the centre and 10 minutes from the airport is also handy.

Being 8 KM from the centre means late night beers require a taxi service and we find the best option outside of Uber is iCar or EkoTaxi, much cheaper than other more well known cab companies.

Any negatives?

The Air, The Air, The Air and there are no local bars, none that open after 10 pm anyway.

What are you doing here?

I am working with BigDoor24.pl, trying to make life easier for expats living in and planning to visit Poland, and at the same time, teaching my trilingual toddler that I can't understand all of her new words.

What's your best tip for people looking to buy/rent/get a home loan?

Use BigDoor24.pl!

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